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What wVw Did This Summer

This summer I tried something new in wVw weekly workshops. For half the workshop meetings we wrote as usual, and for the other half, our own writing became our prompts. We wrote in workshop using our own writing as our sparks.

We responded in the spirit of AWA response: to listen deeply and carefully, honor and respect the writing, and most importantly maintain a safe space for each writer. Each writer guided other writers in the response they needed at that moment that move their writing beyond the first draft.

We re-considered, took a second look from another starting point, another perspective, another approach to structure. Some of us re-worked the same piece of writing three or four times. Writers found this approach to writing and response very helpful, especially writers who had questions about what to do with the many first drafts written in workshops.  Summer workshop writers are looking forward to continuing to work in this way. Each of weekly workshop will be offered the opportunity to try this format.

wVw will continue to use the AWA method and its principles to inspire imagination and spark memory. Claim writing as your art.

Registration is open:
Sunday Weekly Workshops beginning Sept. 23

Wednesday Weekly Workshops beginning Sept. 26 (full, email if interested, in case a seat opens)

Thursday Weekly Workshops beginning Sept. 27

Write Saturday, Sept. 22, Kingston/Woodstock area

Coming in October - Write Saturday, October 13 at UMC, New Paltz (more on that later)

Image is an example of what I did this summer. It was created during a letterpress printing class at the Women's Studio Workshop.

the river now


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