For pierced ears only: Vanity in the Time of CoronaVirus

There must be some semblance of decorum

Sheltering in place is no reason to get slovenly.

I shall don a pair of earrings each day during this pause in time

While waiting patiently for the green light

Being able to choose is power in a current world of powerlessness

The gold chevrons with the tiny ball on top and the sharp point at the tip.

He handed them to me one evening, a gift in exchange for that small indiscretion with the hope of make-up sex-

They remind me of him

These hoops, a continuous circle of gold with laser cutting to make them shine.

Not today

Too much history.

Purchased from the home shopping channel lying on the couch with a basin to catch the puke from dry-heaving after each treatment. One could argue buyer's remorseā€¦

Here's a pretty pair. They hang like chandeliers, each aurora borealis glimmers its own personality

My "happy" earrings

Students liked to make them jingle and jangle during lessons

But they're no longer my story.

Ah, the silver encrusted with marcasite and amethyst. Maybe. Each with a tiny gold lotus flower hidden in the center. All mindfulness and Zen. Much too much purpose.

Too many voids left to fill- finding perfect in the sounds of silence

Ears cannot be unadorned during a pandemic

It's too plebian and today calls for bourgeois sensibilities

Choose the diamonds. They attract strength, courage, fortitude.

What the world needs now.