Susan Chute is a librarian ensnared by poetry and pictures.  She moved to New Paltz six months ago, after heading the Circulating Art and Picture Collections at The New York Public Library, and found Wallkill Valley Writers, which has developed her writing immensely.  Last year at the Library, she taught a workshop on poetry and art at called The Colored Line, the Pictured Word.  It was very well received.  She has been published occasionally in journals far too obscure to mention here. She hopes you enjoy her words.

A Certain Moment of a Passing Hour in the Uncertain Cosmos


Six o
ΚΌclock falls over 
the afternoon 
in windy March on the way to night.

The sun slides low 
through venetian blinds,
frosting my wrinkled hands with glittering white.

The pine branches spread dirty arms, 
rock, moan and bow, 
swayed by their god on high, sparkling and scary.

 Previewing their planetary skyshow, 
the far reaches of the universe 
fling empyrean feats of firmament 
on my picture window, afterimage of time after time, 
evanescent episode of the everlasting view.