What I have learned so far....

What I have learned so far…

How cows make milk.

How dogs became woman's best friend.

How kids tell the truth more often than lies

(We just have to want to hear it).

How families can survive cold nights and empty stomachs

because they have faith in the goodness of life

and the beauty of each other

(and because their mother's taught them how).

How we can live alone or together and still

need to remember to see the apples and not just the orchards.

How becoming a mother is more fraught with more danger

than being a firefighter trapped in a forest fire

how fathers can find grace in scavenged vegetables.

How sometimes looking backwards is more fun

than looking forward, and other times looking backwards

just gives us another chance to try again

(or lets us imagine breathing sultry songs into the microphone

instead of picking up the dirty clothes or paying the bills).

How someone can discover the universe

by picking up a tiny book, one so small it might not be noticed

by anyone else and then the space it took up on the shelf

suddenly expands into light and voice and air

like the equations of time.

How our histories are made from myth as well as

families arguing at the dinner table or laughing out loud

at Granny's funny accent or Auntie's tales of lost love.

How we need to listen to each other

if we ever hope to survive

so we can recite our tales of wonders and lost lovers

and learn something new,

like I imagine two eagles might do looking out at a sun-filled

reservoir on a chilled December morning,

blessing the day.

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