Paralegal by day and general busy-body the rest of the time, Cathy Schmitz stays active within her local community. She is current Chair of Arts Mid Hudson and also volunteers for the Poughkeepsie Public Library District and Barrett Arts Center, She maintains POKLIT, hosts literary readings and salons in Dutchess County, and is involved with many o...ther community groups and organizations. She has a degree in Literature from Bard College and also earned a Business Degree in Paralegal Studies from Dutchess Community College. Cathy enjoys all types of art including but not limited to written, visual and musical arts. She lives in Poughkeepsie with her husband, the abstract artist K.D. Schmitz. More

I Tell You This

​I do not hold onto my anger
  Or disappointments
And that affects my poetry
Housing projects
Single mom
Brother's hand me downs
Abuses by boys not sure yet
How to treat a woman
  Or girl
With breasts already bigger than
                                    their experiences
Dreaming of breasts as comfort
Grabbing them for confirmation
Child for a husband
Who hit with words
Withheld emotion
  And conversation
  And the will to provide
Sex as a privilege
Not desire
  But punishment

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