Writing in the Presence

The Presence is in the lily…. It is in the altar cloth and the crucifix, in the minaret and the yarmulke and the shawl, in the Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek/Latin/English Bible, in the sacred stories, pictographs, dances and other rituals of native peoples, in the Holy Koran and int the sayings of the Buddha….. The Presence is mystery. It is breath. It breathes, and I feel its breath on my hand as I write….—Pat Schneider

Writers call the Presence by many names - muse, inspiration, imagination, memory. Words given voice called forth a universe into being. You are invited to bring an open mind, open spirit to using words to create worlds, real and imagined. We will draw upon many paths as seek Presence.

Writers, as well as those who don't think of themselves as writers, are welcome and encouraged to join us. Faith is the evidence of things unseen. This is an invitation to step out on faith to discover the power of your own words and stories. We are all creative spirits.

Talking to paper is talking to the divine.—Nina Holzer

No registration fee; donations are welcome. You may choose to write for Full Day, 9 AM - 4 PM, or Half-day, 9 AM - 1:00 PM. No afternoon only registration. Reserve your seat. Registration is limited.

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What wVw Did This Summer

This summer I tried something new in wVw weekly workshops. For half the workshop meetings we wrote as usual, and for the other half, our own writing became our prompts. We wrote in workshop using our own writing as our sparks.

We responded in the spirit of AWA response: to listen deeply and carefully, honor and respect the writing, and most importantly maintain a safe space for each writer. Each writer guided other writers in the response they needed at that moment that move their writing beyond the first draft.

We re-considered, took a second look from another starting point, another perspective, another approach to structure. Some of us re-worked the same piece of writing three or four times. Writers found this approach to writing and response very helpful, especially writers who had questions about what to do with the many first drafts written in workshops.  Summer workshop writers are looking forward to continuing to work in this way. Each of weekly workshop will be offered the opportunity to try this format.

wVw will continue to use the AWA method and its principles to inspire imagination and spark memory. Claim writing as your art.

Registration is open:
Sunday Weekly Workshops beginning Sept. 23

Wednesday Weekly Workshops beginning Sept. 26 (full, email if interested, in case a seat opens)

Thursday Weekly Workshops beginning Sept. 27

Write Saturday, Sept. 22, Kingston/Woodstock area

Coming in October - Write Saturday, October 13 at UMC, New Paltz (more on that later)

Image is an example of what I did this summer. It was created during a letterpress printing class at the Women's Studio Workshop.

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the river now

two legs
four legs
legs to stand on
legs to talk on
mute except where we meet
at the ground
our ground, we agree

she spins it
with each step
a river of sticks
to stand on
movement always makes
my heart
beat back
I remember
even the frozen
moves at a level

we call it death
when the legs fall down even
the tree kins its knee
no blood here, I can't see it
no blood here, she said
its floating
all around us

the river now
moves on
stone stays
stone pile
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I Tell You This

​I do not hold onto my anger
  Or disappointments
And that affects my poetry
Housing projects
Single mom
Brother's hand me downs
Abuses by boys not sure yet
How to treat a woman
  Or girl
With breasts already bigger than
                                    their experiences
Dreaming of breasts as comfort
Grabbing them for confirmation
Child for a husband
Who hit with words
Withheld emotion
  And conversation
  And the will to provide
Sex as a privilege
Not desire
  But punishment

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wvw Spring Starts in Two Weeks

Think Spring. If you are a gardener, you may have ordered seeds to plant and they are already sprouting waiting for the soil to warm enough to be put to bed. But if you are a procrastinator like me, you may just be drooling over the stack of seed catalogs that have arrived in the mail. My personal favorite isn't a seed catalog but the David Austin Rose catalog. Even if you never plant a rose, you can love this catalog.

As you anticipate for crocus and tulips to bloom, why not register for wVw Spring Workshops and Write Saturday:

Sunday afternoons, 4 - 7 PM, beginning March 11 - Register

Wednesday afternoons, 1 - 4 PM, beginning March 14 - Register

Thursday evenings, 6:30 - 9:30 PM, beginning March 15 - Register

Write Saturday, March 10, 9 AM - 4 PM, Ulster Park - Register

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