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Workshop Practice

We write together in workshop meetings. 

We write, read and respond twice during a weekly workshop. At Write Saturday or retreats, we have time for more write, read and response periods. We break for refreshments and conversation bewteen writing/read/response periods.

Workshop meetings begin with a free-write to transition ourselves from the busy-ness and constant internal chatter of daily life. The free-write quiets our minds, focuses our attention and opens us to the flow of words.

We write in response to prompts provided by the workshop leader. Prompts are selected to spark memory or inspire imagination. Writers may write in response to the prompt or whatever they need to write in that moment. Our goal is to create space and time for you to write: explore new content or form, try out a new voice, discover new dimensions of work or projects in progress.

We read aloud the words we have just writte, but only if we choose to. There is no pressure.

We listen deeply to one another and give each writer the attention we rarely receive in conversation. We respect and honor each writer for allowing us to hear their raw, first effort to claim writing as their art.

We respond by indicating what we remember, what stays with us. Our purpose is to help you hear and see what works in your writing. This knowledge gives a writer permission to continue, know you are on the right track, understand what moves a reader, and silences our harshest critic, the one who resides within our own head.

Through reading, listening deeply and responding honestly, we become a community of writers who learn from one another.

Personal safety is crucial to the creative process. We respect the privacy of each writer. We commit ourselves to not engage in personal inquiry, or discuss work written in workshop, other than our own, outside of workshop with others.

wVw welcomes writers of all genres and levels of experience.
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Responding to Writing in Workshop


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