We had magic.
We had youth.
We had bodies as supple as saplings.

The choir called us and we sang.
The red earth held us and we touched the morning stars.
The velvet night hugged us close
and we rested in soft oblivion.

We had magic.
We had youth.
We had bodies that flowed like water.

The trees shadowed us while we danced.
The sun spangled the dew on our hair.
The ocean offered us its bounty
and we were fed.

We had magic.
We had youth.
We had bodies of bone and tendon
and innocence.

We had magic.
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Every Fluted Glass

Barry Menuezbelieves that the wVw community has given him support and encouragement to shape memory and experience into stories. He is retired from a long career in community organizing and urban/rural development programs. Barry has written a 26 word abecedarian.

Every Fluted Glass

Another billionaire

contributer donated

every fluted glass

hoisted in joyful knowledge

luxury means no old people

questions regarding senility

topics using vernacular words

xlosic yeasty zestful

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Above the Cove

Timothy Brennan is a poet, painter and woodworker who has lived and worked in San Francisco, in Brooklyn, and now New Paltz, where he has been renovating his old house for over twenty years with no end in sight. Tim's abcedarian is a 26 line version.

Above the Cove

Above the cove
Battered by shifting winds,
Clouds change faces,
Divert the sun's
Flickering off wave-tops like the
Glass shards of smashed bottles.
Heavily-armed children,
Incandescent fish-lines
Jigged for flounder and tautaug,
Kill without remorse––
Lancing puff-ball blowfish
Mothers' egg-filled bellies––
Nascent life left to wriggle
On the pier, to dry in the sun.
Poles are sunk into shallows where
Quahauggers tie their boats, where
Razor-clams, mussels, and blue crabs flee
Seagulls in the boats' shadows.
Terra firma slides out of sight
Under clear waves the sea pulses–– a
Ventricle to earth's heart-rhythm
Where giving and feeding, water
Extracts from the drowned boy his
Yang, his years of expectation, and his en-
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Barbara's Best in the World Pound Cake

Barbara Martin brought her best in the world, passed down through the generations, pound cake to our book-making on June 10, 2012. In response to popular demand, she is sharing the recipe with the wVw community. It is indeed good eats!


1 lb butter
3 cups sugar
4 cups flour
6 eggs
1 teas vanilla extract
1 teas lemon extract(OR almond OR rum depending on what your taste is or if you want to experiment. I use either lemon or rum)
1/2 teas baking powder (If using sweet butter, add 1/2 teas salt.)
1/2 cup milk

Cream butter and sugar really well. Take as much time with this as you can. Add vanilla and lemon extract. mix well. Now add, alternately, two eggs for each cup of flour. (Sifting flour twice will give a lighter cake.) For last cup of flour, add milk. Mix well, but do not over beat. Batter should be smooth. Pour into a tube pan. Place in a COLD oven then set oven to 350 degrees. Cake should be done in one hour or more depending on your oven. Cake is done when tooth pick in cake comes out clean. Then welcome to cholesterol heaven!! Enjoy!

Barbara Martin

Barbara left us great stories and the a recipe for the best pund cake in the world. Try it! You'll love her cake as much as WVW writers loved Barbara.

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Site Admin
Hi Barbara, I enjoyed your cake and so did my husband!!! When the weather gets cooler I know he will do his best to duplicate it b... Read More
Thursday, 21 June 2012 01:17
Gloria Caviglia
I made this cake for a crowd last weekend, and in the words of my grandmother, they were licking themselves in contentment! Thank ... Read More
Thursday, 21 June 2012 01:42
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My green fluids retreat. I have

loved and nurtured. I have known

drought and cold. I survived

storms and flaming summer heat. Extremes

made my growing season rich.

Life happened, my roots grew, secured

their tendrils deep in delta

stories and poetic rhythms

of black and unknown bards.

Words my mother

planted like seeds.

My green fluids retreat, what remains

essence of essence adorned in royal

colors: glorious gold, radiant red, outrageous

orange. I am grand. I am vibrant.

I am brilliant. My fruit

Is swollen and ripe.

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