John Martucci is a retired music teacher, songwriter, artist, and poet. He frequently co-writes songs with friend and poet, Mike Jurkovic. After some twenty years of working with Mike and going to poetry readings, John finally got up the courage not only to try his own hand at poetry but to take the risk of reading them in public. His poem, Jewel Weed, has been published in CAPS Anthology 2015 and Waymark (Hudson Valley Poets) #7.

The Door Rattles When She Steps In

 The door rattles when she steps in.

The floors creak in agreement.

The birds wait their turn to twitter,

And the trees sway in the wind

The windows rattle when she calls.

The clouds reply with thunder's voice,

Hail hammers the rain gutters

And traffic slows to a crawl.

Foundations falter when she finds fault.

The walls, like curtains, tremble.

The furniture vibrates, slides askew,

And knickknacks fall from the shelves.

The breeze whistles when she sings.

The sun shines down on every note.

The birds return in harmony

And thunder stops to listen.

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