Paralegal by day and general busy-body the rest of the time, Cathy Schmitz stays active within her local community. She is current Chair of Arts Mid Hudson and also volunteers for the Poughkeepsie Public Library District and Barrett Arts Center, She maintains POKLIT, hosts literary readings and salons in Dutchess County, and is involved with many other community groups and organizations. She has a degree in Literature from Bard College and also earned a Business Degree in Paralegal Studies from Dutchess Community College. Cathy enjoys all types of art including but not limited to written, visual and musical arts. She lives in Poughkeepsie with her husband, the abstract artist K.D. Schmitz.
Sarah Vogwill, artist, graphic designer, and poet, is a recent transplant from NYC. Returning to writing after many years hiatus, and feeling grateful for finding WVW.
Kathleen Waldron published her first poem, "Spring," in her school newspaper in Mt. Lebanon, PA in 1955.  Subsequently, her writing became epistolary as she wrote letters to her many school friends in PA from her new home in NJ.  Later, her career as a librarian was interrupted for 15 years to become a development officer, writing letters once again, now to the world, in direct mail packages, fundraising for various not-for-profit agencies in New York City. Now she has settled down to more personal, creative writing with Wallkill Valley Writers and other writing groups in the Hudson Valley, NY.
Kappa Waugh came from a Southern family where everyone wrote and played word games. She worked in libraries from adolescence into her sixties, makes jewelry, and draws cartoons.  Humor is her lens for understanding life. She’s published many cartoons, but a pitiful amount of writing. Kappa attended Weekend Write with Pat Schneider and Kate Hymes, September 2015.
Judy Butler is a wife and stay-at-home-mom with no appreciable writing accreditations, but who enjoys writing about ordinary life and all the fodder it supplies. She writes with wVw on Write Saturdays.
A writer, a practicing psychotherapist, and an active member of the Wallkill Valley Writers Workshop. In 2013, Allison's short story "Sahara Affair" was published in the award winning anhtology, A Slant of Light: Contemporary Women Writers of the Hudson Valley. In addition, she has published several short stories in literary journals, and wrote a newspaper column oxymoronically entitled "Understanding Adolescence" for the Poughkeepsie Journal. Allison lives in New Paltz, NY with her husband, some or all of her four children, two dogs, and a malicious cat. She is currently at work on a novel, and solemnl vowed that it will not defeat her.
A writer, educator, and mother of three teenage sons. She thanks her fifthe grade teacher, Miss Hohl, for inspiring a love of learning and a passion for writing. JM lives in the rural town of Poughquag, NY, which she fondly refers to as The Quag.
When Susan Chute reached her 30th year in the city that never sleeps, she decided she was a bit tired, and repaired to New Paltz in September of 2011. She is deliriously happy to have discovered Kate and the Wallkill Valley Writers in this new land, offering her a chance to write, a chance to listen, a chance to be heard. You can find a bit of her professional writing among The New York Public Library's blogs at
Poet, writer, WVW workshop leader, and writing coach. Presently, I am writing fiction, stories that grow out bits and peices of stories I was told by the women of the Francois family.
Poet, painter and woodworker who has lived and worked in San Francisco, in Brooklyn, and now in New Paltz, where he has been renovating his old house for over twenty years with no end in sight. His poems have been published in The Chronogram, Awosting Alchemy, and in the 2011 edition of the Wallkill Valley Writers' Anthology. New poems will be included in the 2014 edition of the WVW Anthology.
RoseMarie Navarra writes about the only thing she really knows: her own experience, her own truth, believing that universals can be found in the particulars of one life, and hoping that holds interest.

Linda Melick was a recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant and a Sonoma University Grant. She lives in the Hudson Valley and writes poetry and short memoir pieces. She has been recently published in the Slant of Light Anthology and the Wallkill Valley Writers Anthology.
A certified writing group leader in the Amherst Writers and Artists method and a Teacher Consultant with the Hudson Valley Writing Project. Her writing has been published in Hudson Valley Parent Magazine, Chronogram, The English Record, andCrossroads, a union newsletter. Kim recently won first prize for children’s poetry fromChildren’s Writer E-magazine. She also teaches Yoga Stories, a children's program she developed that combines traditional yoga with engaging tales, collaborative writing, games, and art activities.
Writing is like a massage for the soul. My work has been published in Laughing Earth Lit. My memoir of food and family, Pork Chop in the Window, was published in 2014. My story, Viney's House, was published in Wallkill Valley Writers Anthology 2015.
An educator, administrator and musician, who now explores communication and creativity through the artistry of the written word. In recognition of her career achievements in education, the arts and her contributions to community development, she has been awarded the Doctorate of Humane Letters by the Board of Trustees and the President of Delaware State University.
A Chicagoan transplanted to New York City, had a career in not-for-profit programs where that specailized in urban development, community organizing, international disaster relief, and educationl projects. I now live in Poughkeepsie, New York, with my wife, Jean. The workshop process has opened a door to memories and a supportive community for shaping them into story.

Barbara Martin wrote and published a collection of stories, Porch Ladies, about the women whose lives shaped her own., especially her beloved grandmother. She was working on a companion volume, Under the Pecan Tree, about the men who were the husbands, companions, brothers and sons of the women who gathered on the porch, especially her beloved grandfather. Barbara was a native of Florida. She passed away November 15, 2013.